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Вступаю в 21eme regiment de Ligne

Вступаю в 21eme regiment de Ligne

If you would like to join the 21eme de Ligne, then please fill In this form
and along with your Joining fee of £30 this will cover family or single
membership for one year send to me.
Chris Durkin, 7 Lowcroft Crescent, Cadderfon, Oldham, Lancashire,
Please Print
Post code Phone Number
Names of any other family members on your membership
Height Age..
Do you have a musket
If yes. Licence number
1 would like to join the ranks of the 21 eme de Ligne Regiment, I will do
my almost always to avoid causing any arm to any member of the said
Regiment or members of the public.
I understand that the twenty first Ligne Regiment is in no way
responsible for any injury that 1 or any of my family may have at its
events, we do have Regimental insurance this is included in your fee,
this covers members for public liability only on the battle field, I would
advice you to cover you and your family with personnel insurance.
Signature of parent or guardian If recruit Is under 18 years old.
Date Please make all cheques or postal orders out to the
Heme de Ligne, any problems phone 0161-652-1647


A Guide by the 21eme for new recruits on how to
acquire uniform and equipment

Collecting items of kit can be both very rewarding and challenging. I hope that you find this guide both
useful and interesting. It should also save you money.
The regiment holds items of kit which new members are welcome to use at events, principally, greatcoats,
overall trousers pokalems( a soft forage cap issued to all soldiers) and dummy muskets. The regiment has a
small number of live firing muskets but these will only be issued to members who hold a shotgun licence,
black powder License and have passed the musket safety, test
You will no doubt have noticed at displays that members of the 21eme are not all dressed in identical kit
and could not be described as 'chocolate box soldiers,' this is deliberate. The regiment seeks to portray a
veteran unit of the 1812-1815 period. Following the retreat of 1812, the French economy was not in a '
position to replace the losses of material and men easily and the remaining troops fought on with the kit
that came to hand. Many new recruits initially were only issued with a greatcoat, Giberne, musket and
pokalem, the reminder of their clothes with of civilian origin.
Notwithstanding the above, members of the unit do take a pride in their appearance and try to accurately
reflect what soldiers should have worn according to the 1812 Bardin regulations at the time. Most members
tend to buy new items initially and over time the uniforms acquire that lived in look, which one would
expect of veteran soldiers, it also helps new members not to look out of place if they don't the exact piece
of kit.
The regiment is very fortunate to have Keith Redfearn as its caparal fourier, Keith makes a number of items
of equipment to historically accurate patterns and sells them at a discount to 21eme members, therefore
Keith will be your best bet for many items. Keith tends to manufacturer items in batches and therefore it is
sensible to liaise with Keith as too what is available at present or may become available over the coming
If purchasing goods from parties outside of the regiment it is best to check with experienced members of
the unit as to the suitability of the items to avoid wasting money on things which do not conform to the
regiments standards. Many reproduction items are made in batches and quality can vary and it is advisable
to view items at first hand if you haven't used a particular source before.
The following list of kit is in a suggested order as to what may be most useful and initially relatively easy
to obtain. The prices are based on brand new items as at June 2007.

White Shirt
made of unbleached cotton or linen, relatively loose fitting. Cost @£25. See Keith or a number of the
specialist uniform providers.

Black Shoes
It is acceptable to wear modern black shoes, at least initially, preferably with a leather sole and plain
uppers. The French army wore a latchet shoe with very heavy leather soles and they are surprisingly
comfortable. I would recommend having hob nails and heel studds fitted. Cost @£120. Period Shoes are
available from KM Garlick
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T£x_ No ' c i 7

Should be made of 100% wool to a standard pattern. Colours vary from light to dark gray to shades
brown, avoid blue, usually the preserve of the guard units. Should have wooden buttons. Cost @£120-£170

Overall trousers w
Made of unbleached cotton, loose fitting with unmade hems, rolled up to suit the individual. Once again
wooden buttons. Whilst the trousers may have been worn without braces many members do find them more
comfortable to use braces which should be made of cotton with leather straps.

Short gaiters
Originally made of canvas but we tend to use black wool. The items should be tailored to the shape of the
ankle and calf, will have between 21-27 leather buttons depending on the length of your leg! Contact Keith
for the buttons. Cost @£22+

A short woolen jacket worn in camp and/or drilling. Made of white wool or cotton with regimental buttons.
Collar and cuffs are of blue facing material. A useful piece of kit, designs did vary. Cost @£30-£70

Cartridge box ( Giberne) and shoulder belt.
Essential piece of equipment for holding cartridges safely and carrying spare flints and tools for the musket.
Cost @£55.
Contact Keith

Helmet made of leather and felt. @£60 .You will also need a shako plate and chinscales, together with a
dark green woolen pompom and tricolor disc.
Contact Keith

Habit veste.
Uniform jacket made to 1812 Bardin regulations with short tails and closed lapels. 100% wool The most
expensive piece of clothing. Prices from @£ 180 -£380.Needs to be made by a specialist as very hard to
make and fit properly. You will need a set ofregimental buttons from Keith.

1777 Charleville flint lock musket
The regiment uses reproduction models. The bore should be 18mm but there are wide variations. The best
models are made by Pedersoli and cost @£800 A bayonet @£120. Cheaper imports from India are
available for @£300, quality does vary but has improved markedly in recent years. It is essential to ensure
the retailer confirms that they have case hardened the frizzen. Always purchase the bayonet with the
musket to ensure it fits! It is advisable to purchase a cleaning kit at the time or purchase cost @£30.
The pedersoli models are available from leading gun specialists and a search of the internet or yellow pages
should identify stockiest in your area.
The Indian reproductions can be purchased from Henry Krank &co Ltd, 0113 256 9163 or Albion small
arms 01922 684964

Water bottle
Although a regulation design did exist relatively few were issued and most soldiers improvised with
gourds, glass bottles in wickerwork or metal canteens.

  • Miscellaneous
    If you are still struggling to source a piece of equipment then please do not hesitate to contact me
    posting a message on the regiments web site or telephone me on 01246 558150
    Keith has a variety of items available which will be of use such as haversacs, plates, tankards and lanterns
    to name a few.

  • Valerie Richards who as been making
    Napoleonic equipment for a number of years, I have been in touch with
    Val who is very happy to supply the following.
    Habite Vests £250 supply own buttons Val w ill sow on for free,
    Drummers jackets £150 supply own lace will sow on for £50,
    Gilets £110, Gaiters £40, Greatcoats £135, pokalenis £45,
    Also Ladies and children clothes, you can contact her at,
    Valerie Richards, 3 Gwenfro Cottages, New Road, Southsea, Wrexham,
    LL11-5RF, Phone-01978-752894,
    Email : aleriejrichards@yahoo.co.uk

  • For those of you who wish to make their own cloths suitable materials can be ordered from
    Aimelech Hainsworth
    0113 395 5678
    www abimelech@hainsworth.co.uk
    They will send out samples upon request and have a special range of cloths for Napoleonic reeneactors.

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